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Training and Development


These are just an example of the wide range of courses available from Step One.

We also develop and deliver fully customised courses based on your requirements.

Understanding Violence and Aggression

This 1-day course helps you to understand the triggers and motives behind aggressive behaviour, recognise warning signs and how people deal with stress and conflict in different ways.  A great course for anyone working with hostile or challenging behaviour – including their colleagues!

Violence at Work

This 1-day course builds on our Understanding Violence and Aggression course, but can also be taken on its own. Learn about workplace aggression, and how adjusting your environment and work practices can help to keep you safe if you’re working with challenging client groups. You’ll also learn about legal responsibilities, and understand risk assessment, control measures and safe systems of work.

Situational Awareness

If you’re lone working, or working with challenging client groups, this 1-day course is for you! You’ll learn about behaviour, dynamic risk assessment, safety protocols and simple ways to control your environment so that the danger to you is lessened.

De-escalation and Defusion Techniques

This 1-day course helps you to identify patterns of behaviour, warning signs of imminent violence and how to improve your handling of hostile situations using body language and vocal techniques. Note that this course does not include physical restraint or breakaway training.

Working With Offenders

1 in 3 men and 1 in 9 women in Scotland have a conviction – so if you’re working with offenders, this 2-day course is for you! You’ll learn about motivating factors in offending and high-risk behaviour; how to recognise manipulation and collusion; have an overview of different types of offences and sentences and how these impact employment and volunteering; working with Sex Offenders and Schedule 1 offenders; the restrictions of Home Detention Curfews and prisoners released on license – and what all of this means in terms of managing risk and developing supportive, positive, professional relationships.

In addition, we also offer

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Stress Management
  • Dyslexia Awareness
  • Autism Awareness
  • Employability
  • Adult Achievement Awards
  • Child and Adult Protection & Safeguarding

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