About Gayle

Gayle Kaufmann is a qualified and experienced SQA trainer and L&D9DI Assessor specialising in Criminal and Corporate Aggression.
Gayle’s background in sectors such as Criminal and Youth Justice, Mental Health and Employability has given her 15 years’ experience working with challenging behaviours – from both service users and sector professionals.
Through her workshops and presentations, Gayle brings a unique perspective on aggressive and hostile behaviour to help organisations understand and manage violence and risk, and create a safer, more productive work environment.

Together As One

Growing up in South Africa, she has seen first hand how limited a person’s life chances are if they have no access to education or training. Gayle believes that investment in training for individuals is a vital Step One towards the positive progression of whole organisations and communities.


“Gayle really knows her stuff. She used real life situations and explained offending behaviour so we could understand it and understand our service users better.”


“Gayle was brilliant to work with, she connected very well with the participants in our two, distinct learning courses. Gayle’s effective deployment of her skills in our project led to accredited results for every learner and contributed to surpassing our project targets. “


“This [Assertiveness] course has made me more positive and understanding how 2 communicate and understand people’s behaviour and more confident in myself.”


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