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What our Corporate Learners say

Situational Awareness

“Very interactive - this was down to the performance of the trainer. A very worthwhile course. I learned so much on the day that I will incorporate into my working day.”

“Informal. Lots of discussion. Friendly. Used situations relevant to my job.”

Working With Offenders

"Never realised how much we had to take into consideration when having offenders in the workplace.”

"Gayle really knows her stuff. She used real life situations and explained offending behaviour so we could understand it and understand our service users better."

Child Protection and Safeguarding

"The course was well delivered and relevant to my volunteer job working with teenagers. Sexual consent laws were an eye opener!”

"It was a difficult subject but Gayle made it really interesting and gave us plenty to talk about."

Situational Awareness

“Discussion around issues affecting our own organisation - Gayle related well to our trainees.”

“Well presented ; engaging and informative.”

“Trainer was very knowledgeable and could answer on the spot questions.”

Stress Management

"The trainer provided interesting insights into why I get so stressed out over little things. Each week I could feel my ability to manage my stress levels improving."

"Gayle was knowledgeable and engaging on a subject we think we know lots about but actually don't!"


"Very relaxed and open, people felt comfortable to speak freely. Great trainer makes everyone feel very at ease."

"I liked that there were lots of different parts to the course that I didn't expect to learn about and it was really interesting."

Violence at Work

"It gave me a lot to think about in terms of risk assessments and the small things we can do to control risk to staff."

“Thought it was interesting and covered a wide range of scenarios.”

"The course made us realise that we're experts on our own clients."


"Gayle is a fab trainer! She is great at including all participants into the course and makes everyone feel at ease."

CSCS / SQA Health and Safety in a Construction Environment

"Gayle was meticulous about all of the ins and outs of what you can and can't do on a construction site. Well worth the money."

"Took a boring subject and made it realistic and understandable."

Mental Health Awareness

"I feel more confident in talking to colleagues about my mental health problems."

"Didn't realise how much things had changed since I started working in 1984. Back then nobody talked about depression in case they got sacked."


"This course has made me more positive and understanding how 2 communicate and understand people's behaviour and more confident in myself."

"Gayle is really helpful and kind."

"This was a great eye opener to everyday life."


"Gayle has excellent knowledge of employability including convictions and disclosure, and she brings a wealth of experience of both jobseeking and recruiting to her workshops."