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What our Community Learners say

HMP Grampian
SQA Community Action and Leadership Award

"When I met Gayle the first time, I didn’t really care what the course was going to be about if I’m honest but she treated me like a person so I thought I’d try it”.

"The tutor is very good and has a lot of patience dealing with such challenging personalities. I enjoyed it and I'm pleased I managed the whole course."

"Gayle was ace, down to earth and didn’t judge us and made the learning easy for us like giving me one to one time to catch up when I was on report."

HMP Grampian
SQA Community Action and Leadership Award

"Gayle was a good tutor and nice and polite and respectful. Can’t believe she managed to get us all through 4 units. It felt good when she came and brought my certificate that day and I took it back to my cell."

"Relaxed environment, good balance of worksheets and practical tasks. Encouraged to talk and actually have an opinion and speak our mind about stuff."

"I decided to go because of Gayle, she was bubbly and relaxed and didn’t judge me. With Gayle it felt okay."

Adult Achievement Awards

"I feel after these weeks working with Gayle that she’d helped me to release all my memories of work that I’ve done be it in paid or voluntary capacity and to look at how much I have actually achieved, and that gives me great confidence to look for permitted work.”

"I’m really pleased about doing this qualification. I haven’t told my mum yet and I’m looking forward to that. She will be really proud. My tutor was really friendly and explained things so I understood and it was easy to do.”

Personal Development

"It has learned me to be more positive about myself and made me more confident in decision making. I look at things with different views instead of being one minded. It's especially been positive meeting new people and building new relationships as I suffer from anxiety. Our teacher was great and great at explaining things."

"Really relaxed. The tutor did a great job of putting us at ease."

Stress Management in Recovery

"Stress management sessions are great. Acupuncture and hypnosis is so relaxing, the feeling of being stress free, rejuvenated. Lifts your mood and helps your confidence and self-esteem. Helps to make you feel like a person again. Could have slept for days if you hadn't woken me up. Keeps me feeling positive about life and removes all the negative thoughts that I did have."

Personal Development

"I feel like I can be myself here. I'm not being judged. I'm starting to like myself and realise people genuinely like me for who I am. That's a big thing for me as I have low self esteem."

"The class has made me realise how much I can do. I'm not just a single mum, I have skills. I can make new friends."

"It's especially been positive meeting new people and building new relationships as I suffer from anxiety."


"I would just like to thank Gayle @ Step one for my Hypno-Accupuncture session 2nite. I was a bit sceptical about the Hypno side but she was fantastic. I couldnt believe the difference i felt from entering the room until leaving. I would recommemd them to anyone who has Anxiety...I cant wait till bedtime bcos i have a feeling i'll sleep like a baby.
Again, thank you so much . X."


"Great course and teacher. I liked it all, it's been an eye opener and made me realise there's more than just a job title to a job. I've been getting to know people too. It's been positive. "

"I feel more prepared and confident now about my ability to return to work when my daughter starts school. It's also been very helpful working with a group of people as motherhood can be very lonely. I plan to start doing voluntary work to update my skills and references."